Fresh Shellfish Available

Spider Crab

Spider crabs are common around Cornwall’s coast. They are harvested sustainably and the claws are full of delicious moist, white meat that is considered a delicacy!


Scallops are available in the shell, half cut or fully cut. We can also source premium diver-caught scallops. A beautiful fish with a meaty texture.

Hard Shell Lobster

Always rich in taste, these live lobsters can be boiled, steamed, grilled, baked and made into delicious lobster rolls, stuffings, toppings or dip the succulent meat in drawn butter!

Raw Boat Run Shrimp

If you are looking to add the perfect shrimp to your next dish, look no further than these raw shrimp that are as fresh as the day they were pulled out of the Atlantic Ocean!

Fresh Fish: Popular Options


Extremely fresh, tastes great when cooked. Our cod fillets are normally around a kilo in weight, making around 4 to 5 portions once trimmed and boneless.


Fresh sardines come whole and uncleaned. There are a variety of ways to cook these sardines: frying, crumbing, and simply floured in butter and lemon.


Snapper has a firm, moist, and extremely clean meat. This fresh fish has a mild flavour, used in soups, or even a homemade fish pie. Try this fish baked or on the bbq for best results.

Why Choose Us

Requirements Of Quality

By having passed the strictest requirements of certification, we always guarantee excellent taste and superior quality of our products.

Modern Equipment

Our factory is fully equipped with the equipment to pack orders carefully, keeping temperatures as they should be.


As a white label oriented producer our main focus is on meeting the clients’ requirements.


We continuously work on our existing product assortment; on the introduction of state of the equipment, and also – on conformity with quality and client requirements.

About us


Oscar Crouch

An experienced sales manager in Aroz Seafood

We are a team of professionals responsible for providing you with the finest products and delivering them in perfect condition. We offer reliable and professional delivery services daily. Most of our fish is caught by ‘day boat’ fishermen to ensure it is fresh. You can also tailor your order to your individual needs. We are proud to offer seafood home delivery. Just place your home delivery order online and receive your seafood the next day. Your goods will arrive temperature-controlled, correctly packaged and labeled as you would expect.

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